Floating sign standoff hanger

I needed a stand off sign hanger for a floating sign. I did not want to weld and risk messing up a brushed galvanized surface. Sign is 23x23 14 ga steel. The hanger has 2 inch flanges to accept high strength double sided tape. So far so good.


That’s a great idea! With that much tape surface area im sure its plenty strong.

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That is very nice! Would you be willing to share the file?

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Here you go:


Thank you very much sir!

Great idea. I’m sure I’d have tried to weld it. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m doing a compilation video of what people have been able to accomplish with their Langmuir CNC. I’d like to send people to your Etsy Instagram FB or website as well if you have any of these.

How did the tape work for you?

That’s a nice bracket, but for this application, I’d recommend 3MVHB tape. The downside is that you had better line it up well, because it ain’t comin’ off!

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