Flip part in sheetcam? [SOLVED]

Anyone know how to flip a part in sheetcam? It says on their website you can but doesn’t tell you how. I know how to rotate the part but I need to flip it over to net=st it more efficiently.



I think of your right click on the part itself it might give you that option if I remember correctly?but I’m not in front of the computer to verify.

Not in nesting mode it doesnt. I had thought of that.

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I’m not near my computer for a couple of days, so I can’t be sure, but there should be an option to “mirror X” or “mirror Y” on the bottom of the screen.


That was it thanks! I vaguely remember that now that you point it out! Exactly what I needed!


I’ll post a screenshot for everyone who searches Flip part in sheetcam or mirror part in sheetcam