First real cut with my Crossfire XL

The sitka spruce was my first real attempt at producing something and it turned out okay I think. But it sure wasn’t a perfect attempt :grin: Okay what did I learn today?? Make sure your compressor is plugged in and check your lead screw set screws. But aside from that I was successful. You can sure see front and back where I lost pressure. Good learning experience. Second try was even worse though. Had good pressure but a loose set screw on the X axis lead screw so it screwed it up pretty much completely. Locktite time I think! And will check the set screws religiously from now on.

Loving this little Crossfire Xl. I’m pleased and looking forward to doing more :+1:


nice to see a happy cutter

Had to clench a bit but it went better frankly than I expected. Really went off the rails when I went to show it off to my son (the welder/fabricator) but he was kind and at least I know what happened :rofl:

Sure like that Greencut solution. Thanks for the heads up!

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Great job. Looks like your on the right track to get it all going! There should be a very large warning sign pertaining to them pesky lead screw couplers . I have been there a few times my self.

I know that feeling…my bother in law is a master welder Millwright…and I fear and cring when I show him my stuff…but he is a good sport.


Hey thanks Jim! Yeah I wonder if it would be any issue to mill a flat spot on the lead screws?

Your welcome. Somewhere there is a post on some couplers that are alot better than the ones provided. ( So they say i cant say because i have the origanal ones ) But im going to order a couple someday and try them. I think the post was for the Pro model. But Im sure the company that makes them makes alot of sizes. I just havnt really researched it. You can do a search and see if any info interests you. The magnafying glass upper right of this screen. And I know some have made a flat spot to better secure them.

Sounds like the right ‘tude’ to me!
Re milliing flats on the lead screws, that seems to be the most natural thing to do. Shouldn’t be able to turn the stepper and not the lead screw, just doesn’t seem right.

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