First lighted sign

I made this for my daughters boyfriend. He can put it where his workstation is. Not really thinking about the weight i made it out of 12 ga. Soaked in Muriatic acid to remove the mill scale then sand the metal to semi polish it. The back is painted flat black but the front i used a clear powder coat. I had to make a stand because I felt its to heavy to be hanging.

Out of curiosity I’m thinking about selling things like this but was wondering of anyone had any input on pricing. I was thinking about $220 there is a decent amount of time in this for the finished wired project.


Awesome work! What Lights are you using? I Just use 14 Ga cold roll(got fed up with the acids) and its only like $25 more for CR than HR. But I hang mine off mounting tabs I designed and weld on. I usually sell my LED lit signs from $125-225, based off size/work in f360 that I have into it. I also only do them as a side hobby/business(not main source of income).


Thats for the input. Do you mind telling me what kind of tabs? I did cut a hanging triangle in the back in case he wanted to hang it but i told him to make sure it was in a wall stid. I put some led strips in there and route the wires behind the openings so you don’t see any of that. Like yourself this is my side hustle/hobby and have a great fulltime job and could never beat the federal benefits.

They are just some 3/4" wide tabs i designed after attempting a few types this is what I came up with


I like those mounting tabs. It totally eliminates having to install that back panel. Thanks for sharing the photos.