First Cuts with CrossFire Pro and Razordweld Razorcut 45

Hi, I’m Sergio, Im trying my first cuts, but I have issues with my parameters. I working with CrossFire Pro and Razorweld Razorcut 45. I’m trying cutting with 1/4" Steel. Someone can help me?

what kind of issues are you having beside a possible to short of a pierce delay?..
what design software are you using?
did you try a dry run to see if the torch moves?
did you do THC test?

How can I modify the pierce delay?
I’m using Fusion 360 and Fire Control
All the machine works perfectly, but I have not yet my first cut.
Yes, I did the THC test and shows up this window:

My first attempt threw up the same error and I had to increase my pierce delay to .5s