First cut issues with THC

Hello all!

I’m new to running a CNC plasma. Ran my first cut today on the crossfire pro with the infamous primeweld cut60.

The plasma would fire then shut off and fire control would alarm saying that the pierce delay had to be 5 sec.

I turned the THC off and the part ran fine. What am I doing wrong?

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did you increase your pierce delay?

What is your pierce delay currently set to, and does increasing the pierce delay using the override feature in FireControl help?

I changed it from .5 to .8. No change. Ran the THC test.

keep adding .1 till it works…

Ok I’ll try. Thx

I tried a few times all the way to 200% on the override. It fires but then shuts off

Check the wires going to the thc box from plasma cutter and to fircontrol box. I had a similar error and did not have one of them plug in. I had unplugged it and forgot. Be it’s your first cut make sure they are hooked up correctly.

I just checked again. I even checked to make sure I soldered correctly. Seems to be right from what I’m reading. It fires then runs for the pierce delay time, then shuts of and fire control states no current.

do not use the override on the Firecontrol…go into your sheetcam or fusion settings and do it there…
if you start at .5 and use FC to increase by 200% you barely making it up to 2 seconds…

it needs to be in the post process to really make a differance

Chasing the pierce delay will not help you. You need to figure out why you are not getting voltage in THC when the torch is firing. Have you gone through the troubleshooting guide linked in your 0V THC Test?

Please use the THC Troubleshooting Flow Chart linked here:

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