First cut - house number plate

This is a fairly simple project, but the learning curve for Fusion 360 was longer than I expected. Had the following issues, feel free to chime in.

  1. I set the number size at 5" but they cut at about 3 1/2. Used Arial font from Fusion 360.
  2. The tool path at the bottom where the frame meets the numbers was good, but not so at the top. I saw this when I did a couple dry runs but went ahead anyway. Need to be a bit more precise with the design.
  3. At the end of the run, the torch kept firing for what seemed like several seconds, so much so that I was concerned it would blow through the water table. Then it went into air only postflow for a few more seconds. You can see the melted area at the top of the number 8. Did I miss something in the setup?
  4. Water table is leaking at a couple of the corners, I’m going to try caulking first, if that doesn’t work will take off and weld the outside corners.

Oh, and I used 16 gauge sheet metal, 30 amps, 120"/min cut speed. Razorweld 45.


I had two corners leaking also. O tapped them gently with a hammer to slow them down and after I drained the table a touch of silicone took care of it.

Looks nice, Can u upload file so I can take a look at design layout? Ordered my cf but not shipping til nov. thanx

There is def a learning curve with 360 especially if you havnt used any other design software like solidworks or autocad. They are all similar but have their own quirks. Regarding your design… i like it but yes you need to be more precise on laying out your sketch lines so when you create your tool path it cuts where you want. without looking at your actual file, i would guess your text is overlapping the border box but you didnt go in and fine tune the lines to trim. I convert the text to individual shapes so i can modify the lines independently. use the trim tool to easilly select and remove unwanted pieces. When making lines that are close together remember that you have to take the kerf width of the cut into consideration (like at the top right side of the 3).

regarding the staying on of your plasma… thats weird. usually at the end of a cut the air does flow for a few to keep the tip cool, but i dont know why the arc would have stayed on at the end. Maybe the program got hung up? it doesnt look large, but if you are using the trial version there is a 500 line g code limit. maybe you were at 499. lol. if you wanna share the file i can open it and take a look for you. keep on cutting, it gets better with practice!

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Theres something wrong with the corners...Id suggest sanding them down. Are you going to cover it with something or just stay like that?

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