First Commercial Part

Well the first of many commercial parts has been made. We’re using about 30 of these on an installation next week, to lock-in some access panels. Mild Steel, 1.5mm, cut-time 9.05 secs.
I’m loving this machine! :rofl:


They are pretty damn awsome huh. And btw nice work.

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Just ran a hole test with the same setup, no fine tuning, just for giggles
0.0625, 0.125, 0.250

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Some flanges to bolt a couple vertical tubes to the floor of an installation today. last week I would have had to take these to the Water-jet jobber and paid a bunch of $$$ and endure a 3-day lead time. Or pay double for “rush”.
1/8 Mild Steel no dross to write home about. 45A, 63ipm, no pierce delay.
Did I mention I’m luvvin this machine??:heart_eyes: