Firmware Update? 1.3ls -> 1.2ls

Odd situation that I would like a bit of clarification before I proceed.

Fired up the table this morning and was greeted by the tab that Updates were available. I’m currently running a Crossfire 2x2, w/ XL, THC / IHS & Limit Switches. Machine firmware had previously been updated to 1.3ls (latest) while installing the limit switches. Note - everything has worked properly since the limit switch install.

Upon clicking on the update button, I’m informed that it’s a firmware update to 1.2ls. I’m reluctant to proceed being that I’m currently at 1.3ls.

Any insights?


Don’t update something that’s working.


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While I agree. if it ain’t broke - don’t fix it, I’m at a loss for why it came up. And I suspect I won’t be the only person to select the update. Others may / may not look at the firmware version before proceeding.