FireShare log in problem (Solved)

Went look around in file share and was going to give a like to something, and it wants me to log in. So I take it file share is now different than the forum? So I tried to log in and it refused, so then I tried to set up account and it told me my Email is in use.

I don’t want to use a different email

Adding @langmuirsystems and @langmuir-reilly


yes two different accounts… Langmuir will get you figured


I’m pretty sure it’s the same login info as the forum. You just have to log into each separately.

Looks that way.

here is a quote from the past

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Hmmm I tried with my name normal login and it said wrong no pw or username. Will have to look into it further. Thanks for letting me know guys

I’m not sure if this was the case back in 2018, but as it stands now, FireShare and the Forum are not linked in any way.

If you have a Forum account but not a FireShare account, you will need to register a FireShare account here:

If you get an error message saying that your email address is already associated with a FireShare account, try resetting your FireShare password here:


The last one did it Thank you @langmuir-aksel