Fireshare files

Hi all! Awaiting my Crossfire Pro! Just wondering what the difference is between cut ready file downloads in Fireshare, and ones that don’t say cut ready?

some are apparently ready to download and cut. right into Firecontrol…others need to be post processed

Never just assume that cut ready are cut ready…the only thing that is ever cut ready are files you download and post process yourself.

by that I mean they are good files in Fileshare…but assuming they will come out perfect mostly ends in frustration…

so it is good practice to download the files then run them through your Sheetcam or conFusion360 and make them to the size you want…

I appreciate that information! I feel like I just bought a $4000 piano that I have to learn how to play Mozart on!

Unfortunately, you won’t find any Mozart on Fireshare. The good news is few of us would recognize, let alone criticize a work as Mozart.

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