FireControl What is it?

I saw this on the face book page and don’t see anything here on it at all?

looks like the new controller software for the new table. This will replace mach3
Might be only viewable by the ones that pre ordered the pro table.

might be good to know some details, like does it really replace mach3 and will the THC add on also require this?

Controller software would replace mach3. Also from the image I saw it looks like the software controls the THC. This is AWESOME. Not like the promaTHC where you have yet another device to adjust settings on. You do it all from the pc.
Really you guys/girls have no idea how nice this will be once it comes out. You will LOVE it.


well Mach3 would do that too. and I can customize the interface the show anything I want (have to learn how though) but people here are showing the way. I suppose this is because the controller boards use USB connection and there isn’t a USB version that supports THC so far so maybe this software gets around that.

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I’m in batch one but haven’t seen anything on it either.

I’m batch 1 as well but I don’t expect to see the software prior to the machine. They need to create training videos and documents, user manuals etc to be able to get it out to us. It seems to me that’s an effort they’re likely doing in parallel to the hardware side of things. They can’t release it without all of that or they’ll be inundated with “how do I…?” questions. We see that with the stuff that has doc & videos already.

To get the videos & things done, they need a machine or two in addition to @langmuir-daniel’s smiling face like they did for the current training videos. So along with it being December now, suggests we’ll see the software when we see our machines (or maybe a week or two earlier if shipping doesn’t happen until mid to late January).

Much as I like previews, I’m also pretty sure I’d want to be cutting something right now if I was playing with their software :blush:

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I doubt if I’ll have everything set up, read all the info and making my first cut before February anyway. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if the new program will work with the basic 2D crossfire setup, or hopefully the THC upgrade for an old table? I personally hate the crap interface of Mach 3 (I am a Mac user).


The main benefit of the CrossFire Gen 2 System is FREE, cross-platform, plasma-specific control software with a modern user interface and ongoing support and development. The Gen 2 control software, FireControl, is designed and developed by Langmuir Systems specifically for CNC plasma cutting on the CrossFire and CrossFire PRO. A vast improvement over Mach 3, FireControl has many useful features that make it more powerful and easier to use.( According to this I would say yes it works on both crossfires )

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it will, but you’l have to upgrade the control box as well. Won’t work with the current one on the original crossfire.

Has this been a stated decision or is this speculation? ISTM that the current control box would be SW upgradeable.

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i believe it’s in the FAQ’s on the main page.

I couldn’t find it, can you provide a link?

The user manual is available on their website. Emails have been sent to those in batch 1, and there are several posts here, including a link to it, so I’m not sure what the issue is?

The fundamental question is: Will there be an SW upgrade for the basic CrossFire controller that will allow us to use FireControl rather than Mach3?
Given the ARM processor used in the CrossFire controller, I don’t understand why it can’t be upgraded (other than available resources, which I can understand, but also provide to a greater or lessor degree).

The original poster says there nothing about FireControl on here, which isn’t true. I wasn’t referring to anything else said.

Sorry for the confusion, I mistakenly thought you were replying to me.

However, when the OP posted in Oct, his statement was true, but, as you say, that’s all been addressed now.

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Same, I’m in batch one & have not received any notifications