Firecontrol vs...?

Has anyone used firecontrol and switched to a different software with better results . I’m not knocking firecontrol I am just wondering what else is out there. I am drawing with
fusion->sheetcam->firecontrol. Thanks :+1:

short answer , NO.

long answer, NO because firecontrol was created to run the Pro and newer gen2 control boxes.


Personally, I would want Mach3. Simply because it puts ME in control! …but, what do I know :crazy_face:

If we get a home feature and soft limits we have everything we could ever want right?

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Well those two things plus a generic shape library and the ability to hand edit code once the program was pulled in… I really like fire control but those 4 things it would be pretty awesome.

Man, I know you smart guys prefer Machx but I used it for a very short time then FC came along. I’m putting the Downs boys in for sainthood. :slight_smile:

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