FireControl update

I got my new Crossfire assembled and operating today. Woo Woo! During the setup process FireControl requested that I click on the green “Update Available” button (upper right corner of FireControl screen) and update the firmware, which I did. It’s probably just a computer glitch, but the green Update Available indicator won’t go away so I’m not sure it actually updated (gotta love computers). If I click the “Check for Updates” in the upper left menu, it says I am running the most current version. I have restarted FireControl a couple times. Am I missing something?

Mine has been on for 2 years I never clicked it​:joy::joy::joy:. I am satisfied with the way it runs… I run the 20.6 version been rock solid for me as long as I keep myself away from it .

My wife come down from time to time to play with it. She calls it her cricket with fire … she always want to update it. I have to make a gentle threat to keep her from doin it.


Good to know, mine seems to work fine also. Thanks

Yup it works great. It just doesn’t support the limit switches.

I keep all of the downloads in case I want to go back to the previous version.


same boat for now…

now this needs to be clarified…lol…


I would threaten her to have to sleep with the goats in the barn. Then I realized she likes them more than me.


In case you were dying to know, I contacted Langmuir Support and was told the update was only needed if I had the limit switch add-on, which I don’t, at least not yet. They also said I could manually update by going to [Help] on the top tab and selecting “Update Firmware”.

Was this the “update” from v1.3ls to v1.2ls? Your machine firmware version should be displayed near the top right of the screen.

Yes it was 1.2ls to 1.3ls

I already had 1.3 and I got the nag message to update to 1.2 just today. After that update and restart, it then nagged me to update to 1.3. I did and now the message is gone.

I do have the limit switches and thought they might improve with whatever they are adding in this fix. The best I can figure is they can’t tell if everyone has updated so they pushed out this form of update just to get rid of the old 1.3 versions.

That’s odd. Numerically, 1.3 should be a newer update than 1.2 making the switch from 1.3 to 1.2 a downgrade.

Perhaps they needed you to basically downgrade to be sure that it really upgrades. Before when I updated from v1.3, I had to force the update and always wondered how it would really swap out old data references if it said I had the newest/most current. That was in December when I did the v1.3 to v1.3. I was having issues with my limit switch and that update seemed to fix it.

I’m so confused ! :laughing:

Don’t take my example, because I’ve had NOTHING but issues, BUT, mine prompted me to go from 1.3 to 1.2, so I did, and then it prompted me to go from 1.2 to 1.3, so I did. And now it is indeed prompting me to go from 1.3 BACK to 1.2 for the second time. I can’t explain it, but I’m tempted to try 1.2 AGAIN, just for kicks. :rofl:

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