Firecontrol update problems

This makes the third time that my machine has stopped in the middle of the program and lost zero! I get not responding message when it does this. I have ruined 3 signs!! Any Fixes or anyting to help?

My computer just updated and I keep making one good cut and then the torch will not fire for the next cut. It at one point would not even manually fire. I restarted three times total to cut out four reindeer! I have reinstalled new update and will see if that fixes it tomorrow.

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I have the same issue. I even updated to what supposedly was a fix to the original update. I got tired of having the program quit responding. So i figured i would revert back to 20.6 that is still installed on my system, im glad i went back to 20.6, i have had no issues and quit all the cussing because i would wreck signs and new pieces of metal.

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If you haven’t already sent a message to support about these issues we definitely want to hear from you. More information would also be helpful.

Have you run other versions in the past?
What version did you experience an issue with?
What was the issue you experienced?
What you were doing when this happened?
More information about computer: OS, Graphics Hardware, Graphics Driver, OpenGL Version, etc.

We haven’t been able to reproduce any major issues with the latest version but we will have the dev team revisit.

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im having the same issue. literally changed nothing on the hard side, just upgraded and now torch wont fire. the other day the relay would click and would send voltage from the box to the torch to fire but no arc. now the relay isnt doing anything when you try to manual fire the torch in firecontrol. running windows 10 on new dell. this issue started when i upgraded firecontrol.

either downgrade to 20.6 or manually update to 21.1.5. Both are in the downloads section.

so, i uninstalled the newest version and re downloaded 20.6 and i installed it. it goes to open and quits. i cant get it to open. what is going on with this?

go into the user folder and delete the .firecontrol folder. It will rebuild when you launch the program again.

is 20.6 not supported in windows 11?

does the same thing. starts to open and the logo comes up then quits.

hmmm I would try to remove it all and then reboot. Then make sure the .firecontrol folder is deleted. Make sure you’re finding the .firecontrol folder there is a period in front of firecontrol which makes it hidden. Google showing hidden folders if you aren’t sure about it.