FireControl - Training Purposes

Hello all,

Before I bought the machine XR I wanted to play around with firecontroll software, kinda just to get to know it better before the machine arrive. However, It looks like firecontrol interaction is locked until you can connect your hardware and HTC control (if applicable). I wonder if there is any way we can just download the program and make it think that the hardware is connected so we can test run files/simulate g-code or just get to know the software a bit better. Hopefully this makes sense.

Thank you all

LOL… I was just now trying the same thing. It was locked when I looked at it a month ago, but I have some gcode I thought it might load just to play around… no love :cry: It would be nice to try to manipulate, tile, that kind of stuff.

Guess we’ll have to wait. Plenty to learn getting fusion of sheet cam or whatever you’re using up to snuff.

sorry…no way to play with Firecontrol without the table control box

Definitely one of the options that’s been asked for quite a few times around the forum. It may be “on the roadmap” but it has never been confirmed.

Both of the available CAM softwares. SheetCAM and Fusion 360 have G-Code simulators for testing your code.

One issue I have is that the computer that comes with the XR table is not set up for using sheetcam and running firecontrol at the same time. I created a few test programs and I’m having some issues with sheetcam communicating with firecontrol. So I’m going back and forward from one computer to another. But if I had an option where I can load the sheetcam gcode and see how it looks in firecontrol, it would be helpful.

try you can load your gcode there and it’ll run a simulation.

I definitely second that, I have that app on my phone it’s great.

Did you make sure you’re using a firecontrol post processor when making the G-Code?

You’ll need the post processor with THC and IHS

This is available for download on the Langmuir main site.

There is no reason for Sheetcam to communicate with Firecontrol. You post process with Sheetcam and it saves a .tap file on the computer. Then you open that .tap file within Firecontrol.

If you want to see a simulation, you can run that in Sheetcam.

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This is definitely a major problem for us. Our machine is off site in a location that is not condusive to sitting around and learning the software. I’m having a few problems that I’d like to work out at home and cannot.