FireControl Straight line cuts- Searching for pierce height & cut height inputs?

We are doing some severing of some scraps off a full plate and using any drops as test coupons . Currently cutting some 10 ga with the Hypertherm 65 amp Sync machine. Using Fire Control to make the single line g-code seems to work well but I was curious on how its setting torch pierce height as well as cut height? I see the parameters for pierce delay cut length and cut speed but do not know where it determined the pierce height and torch elevation from touch off. I would like to use this to help dial in some cut heights using some scrap and the straight cut commands but do not see any where to enter them. I am thinking these Sync Cartridges need to be cutting lower than what Hypertherm is calling out . Ken

You can look at the code that is generated on the screen, but Iā€™m pretty sure it uses .15" pierce and .06" cut height. There is no field to enter those values.

If you want to test cut height, there are a few test files that have been posted here for cycling the IHS system and lowering the Torch to cut height, so you can measure it

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If you are interested:
cut height test.tap (224 Bytes)
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This g-code takes the torch through the IHS and then to the cut setting and stops without firing the torch. You can then measure the distance. It is suppose to be at 0.060 as far as the g-code was expecting.