FireControl Simulator

Does FireControl have a simulator mode? I do not have my system connected to the Plasma table at all times and would really like to be able to try, test and “work on” software capabilities when I am not attached. Am I missing a function that may exist already or is there a work around to what I would be requesting?

Check out NC Viewer. If your wanting to check out cut files. Firecontrol is just a look at type thing when not plugged into the machine. ( unless they changed that )

It is not that I am worried about the NC files. It is more about working with and trying features within FireControl, that would be super cool. Being able to see my design in the viewer, scrolling through GCode and truly “work” without working on the table.

Ah I see. I miss read something…Or more likley read it to fast and misunderstood.

You need to be connected to the control box to do anything with fire control.

Thank you for the replies. Maybe this post can talk to the developers about creating the ability to put the program into Simulator Mode. This will allow a person like myself to enjoy the learning process from the comfort of my couch and know when I am able to hit the shop I will not find myself experimenting but straight to production creation.
I really like FireControl and would love to see some of these extra functionalities in future releases. Being a person that is surrounded by computer engineers everyday I have no doubt this sort of thing is capable. The people that create these codes, software and platforms are so good at what they do. Props to the Langmuir team for developing this software up to this point. Keep up the great work and thank you for FireControl.

Sorry, I see now this is not a new request. I finally had read the past post about wants, needs and requests. I am truly enjoying the forum.:clap:

It would be awesome to be able to do “dry runs” and mess with settings in an off line mode… not connected to the machine.

Dry runs are actually executed on the controller, not by FireControl, since the controller actually executes the g-code that FireControl sends to it. So having FireControl do the dry run could happen in principle by having it execute the g-code, it would defeat the purpose of making sure the controller itself can execute the g-code since it would be a different g-code interpreter.

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Would be nice to be able to load a program/ dry run/ settings etc. in an “offline” mode… not connecter to the controller.

I’m waiting on my machine, 6 more weeks if the original estimate to ship proves accurate and I was surprised FireControl has no simulator. I was hoping to be up to speed and be learning only using the table once it finally arrives.

A simulation mode would be more than just testing a design before taking it to the table, it would allow people to learn how to use it before they get their table.

I thought the same thing…but FireControl (FC) is very easy to use.
I was a complete noob at this when I ordered the table…and now I am a noob that can cut metal…
you need to worry more about your design software and the postprocessing software…that is where 80% of the work is…

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