Firecontrol Runtime AND DutyCycle display?

Firecontrol clears the runtime at end of cutting.
I would like to see what the ACTUAL run time was AFTER the cutting finishes.
Firecontrol seems to clear it out OR I just can’t see where it is shown.

It would also be useful if during and after running, the
TIME_ON vs CUTTING TIME as a percent ( DUTY CYCLE) would be displayed.

If this information is already available, please point me to it.


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This is the one place it shows pierce and time but I normally don t reference it so i am not sure how its adding up.

excellent suggestion

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The torch time @TinWhisperer referenced is actual cut time torch on. It also to the left will show elapsed time. As long as you don’t hit ok after a cut it will show that time as well. It resets as soon as you hit ok.
Using sheetcam it will tell you how long it takes to run a program I am sure f360 has it as well. Sheet cam is pretty close . I ran a nested program Thursday that sheetcam showed 27 minutes cycle time it finished just over 21.