Firecontrol on ChromeOS

@langmuir-reilly @langmuir-daniel @langmuirsystems would you consider, or have you considered porting Firecontrol to ChromeOS?

Yes, I know, this is probably a pipe dream, and I’m sure there are probably technical reasons ChromeOS can’t support it that a layman like me doesn’t understand. But if it is possible, you can get an extremely capable Chromebook for the price of a mediocre windows laptop and it would fit into the Langmuir’s mantra of making plasma affordable for the average joe.

I have a desktop that works for designing, but I’m uncomfortable having it in the same space as my table. I don’t have a windows laptop but I do have a good chromebook (Lenovo Duet 5) that would be perfect to use for a Firecontrol platform. Great battery life, no fans to pull in crud and a touchscreen. And chromebooks are really coming into their own, they are so much more than just a browser in a box these days.

Like I said, pipedream. But hey, a guy can dream, right?

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As cool as this would be, ChromeOS has some technical limitations & security restrictions that would make a CromeOS version FireControl extremely difficult, if not impossible, to create.

There used to be features within ChromeOS that would allow developers to work around this, but these have since been removed - namely, Google phasing out NPAPI plugin support in Chrome.