FireControl for Crossfire?

Sorry if this has been covered before, but are the Crossfire machines that are currently shipping compatible with FireControl? Or is FireControl strictly for the Crossfire PRO?

My understanding is that at the present it only works with the Crossfire Pro. I believe there would have to be changes to the motion control box so FireControl could work with the original Crossfire.

Well get on it Crossfire! :smile:
(At least publish a time-table for its release, as well as an after-purchase LS Torch Height Controller add-on for the Crossfire) please.

OK, that was what I gathered from the literature. I got confused looking at the FireControl setup tutorial there was a image of it being connected to a Crossfire (all the other images show it connected to CrossfirePRO) Thanks!

This is would great if they did make it compatible with the non-Pro Croessfires as we need a Mac software option… of course it would mean we wouldn’t have to use Bootcamp or Parallels to run Windows.

Any update?