FireControl Error with pierce delay [SOLVED]

Here is the fault code I am getting when doing a simple design to get everything dialed in. This is the first time using cnc so very new to this all. I have changed pierce delay from .4-.6 in .025 increments and the torch will fire for the hole, than move to the perimeter and not fire to cut the od of the design. Any help would be great and thank in advnace.

Move that decimal point. There should not be a zero after the decimal point. The recommended minimum is .5 seconds.

Hey sorry that was my bad I did mean .4-.6 in .025 increments

Could you upload the cut file here? It would help to see what settings you have. (932 Bytes)

That looks fine, except I would change the Springback value to zero.

What voltage are you seeing on the THC, during the first cut? Do you have any voltage showing on the screen when the torch is idle?

Ill do a run right now and let you know. give me 5 min.

I just did a test and the first cut went to 124v and when it tried to fire again it went to 2.2v then 0v

And no voltage at idle

That voltage seems fine for the first cut and zero at idle is perfect.

What plasma cutter do you have ?

Machine or hand torch?

Razor cut 45 with machine head. Ive read in other forums about the igniter box not being wired correctly, could that be an option?

The wires were all plug and play for the setup so no splicing or at least I did not.

It fires and shows correct voltage, so its wired correctly.

Do you have the machine torch mount? Make sure its not clamped on the lower 3 inches or so of the torch body. That can restrict the movement of the internal parts that need to move to fire the torch.

Make sure your air pressure is at least 100 psi to the back of the plasma and 60-70PSI on the front of the machine.

You can try loosening the cap of the torch slightly to see if that works. Some of the Razorweld torches can fail to fire if the cap is too tight.


alright ill give this a try and see. Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

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Man Ill tell you what it was the placement of the troch. I was off by 3/4 of an inch too low and its cutting great now. Thanks for getting the headaches figured out for me!!


Welcome to the forum. FWIW, I’ve marked your thread [SOLVED].

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Great job as always David.

@haldemanchristopher You did a great job giving information and following instructions. Good job to both of you. Welcome to the forum.


I’m getting the same thing, only lately. I have a hand held torch. Plasma 45