Firecontrol auto offset?

So cut a world map and y axis is centered, BUT x is offset .375?

Analyzed dxf, its fine, the tap looked good on screen and in sheetcam

Need to adjust bearings but holes are w/i .010 of the sides so moving a 24 x 48 pc of 16ga with torch of part unlikely.

I guess a tipped slug is possible but that is a perfect scoot sideways

I’ll just trim off side to match…any ideas? And dont have the tap used…ugh…thumb drive took a dip

I believe most thumb drives are waterproof. May be able to dry out.

Rinsed in clean water and its drying

Jam it in a container of rice.

Or if you have any extra desiccant kicking around throw some in a little jar with that USB

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I’ve run several SanDisk drives through the washer and dryer and never had an issue…

Me to, just never dropped one in nastiness of plasma water…