Firecontol Start Point

Ok, I have made numerous cuts, but one thing I still can not figure out is how to start my cut.

I see the 5 yellow boxes for program origin.

I use dry run and keep moving plate until cut fits on plate, while trying each origin until it fits.

I zero X and Y axis. But still have to try different origins before I get cut to fit.

Is this normal? It takes longer to get dry run to find cut area then it does to cut actual piece.

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For the standard Crossfire and the pro, you should design your parts with the origin at the lower left.

When you want to cut, jog the torch to where you want the lower left corner of the design to be and click " zero all axis". You don’t need to run the dry run. You can simply jog the torch to the extents of your design and watch the torch position on the screen.

If you need to move it, say 1/2" to the left, hit “go to x y zero” and then jog the X axis over .5" and hit “zero all axis” again.

There is no need to move the metal around the table.


When you see the 5 yellow boxes you click on which box you want the origin to be. That will be 0,0


I struggle with this as well, I’ll zero, set program origin, then dry run, i’ll have to pause it usually every time because my plate is no where near where I thought it would start. :rofl: Thank god for dry run, it has saved me a lot.