Fire control v21.1.4-fit button

I downloaded new version and noticed beside the FIT button there is a MACHINE and a MACHINE tab. They stayed grayed out and cant use them. I have seen other videos that show the highlighted and on?
How do i enable them?

The “show machine” button is an XR only feature. The other tables do not have a “home” feature and therefore the program has no idea of where the table limits are.

Do you know if that will be an upgrade in the future? I’ve read both SC and FC and still am having a issue when i do a dry run with my Y crashing when i set up material.

You shouldn’t be crashing any axis, if you set your origin correctly and Zero the torch in the spot where you want that origin point to be.

If I remember correctly, you have the origin point set at the upper left corner in Sheetcam. This is a problem if you are zeroing the torch at the lower left of your table. Fircontrol will put the origin point at the point where your torch is zeroed. This puts the upper left corner of your file at the lower left corner of the table, so the design is off the table. When you try to run the program, it will try to go to the start point, which is off the table, and crash.

You need to change the origin point in Sheetcam to the lower left corner and this will make everything easier. The alternatives are resetting the origin in Firecontrol with the “set program origin” function, or moving your torch zero to a point that would equal where the upper left corner of your design is.

Please understand that the Pro table does not have a “home” location. The torch must be zeroed wherever you want your program to cut. Firecontrol will always bring in the file and place the origin at your zero location. If you have a sheet that already has stuff cut from it, you need to zero the torch on some available metal to cut your design.

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I made a video showing how to zero the torch to place your file on the metal. Please excuse the crappy camera skills and commentary. I’m not a YouTuber, but I had to load it there to be able to link it here. Crossfire pro placing your drawing on the table. - YouTube

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