Fire control software

Does the fire control work with out height control

Yes it can run without the torch height enabled.

Is the fire control software better the Mach 3

For the langmuir crossfire system most definitely.

Does it have a limit on the g code

I’m not sure if there is a limit or not. I’ve run some pretty long programs.

if you have an older crossfire (prior to mid 2020 i believe) then you can’t run firecontrol unless you upgrade the control box.

They’re both equally good in the sense that they are the ONLY control software that will work with their respective controller, (MACH3=>Orignal Crossfire controller, FireControl=>Gen 2 CrossFire controller, Pro, and XR.)

I wouldn’t pick a controller because of the control software. Pick a table and controller based on the features you want.

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@donaldkaiser @TinWhisperer

There is no G-Code line limit in FireControl!