Fire control shows "no connection" to the THC

It was working fine and now it’s not. Checked all of the wiring and ground clamp.

Have you checked to make sure the THC chip you installed inside of the control box is lite up plugged in good?

No, I haven’t looked inside the control box.

That is what fire control connects to. It should have a red light on it when power supply is on. Make sure it’s plugged in good.

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I checked. The red light is on.

Make sure it’s plugged in good. How long have you been up and running? Have you tried to manually connect?

The connection to the THC is only between the computer and the THC chip via the USB cable. If the chip is seated properly and getting power, the problem is in the USB connection.


Hey Steve,

If you’re using a Windows device, could you post a screenshot of the “Ports” section of your Device Manager? This section is hidden by default; to see it, Select “View” in the Menu Bar, then select “Show hidden devices…”

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