Fire control on a MS Surface tablet?

Planning on purchasing a Crossfire Pro in the near future so I’m trying to research and get all my ducks in a row. Just wondering if anyone runs Fire control and connects table to a MS Surface tablet?

If I had my choice I’d run with an Ipad but is not an options from what I see here. Surface tablet should be compatible with its windows OS.

I had a Surface Pro 2 with with a 3rd gen i7. I was able to run Fire control generally well, I had it freeze on me once maybe in 20 different projects. I needed to force close and ended up losing my home and thus ruining the project. I ended up upgrading to a gaming type laptop with a dedicated graphics card because I was having issues with Fusion 360 freezing on me when it was calculating the tool path. I think CAD and CAM will be much more strain than Fire Control.

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That’s what I’m afraid of with the Surface. Right now I have a Macbook with Fusion loaded and will probably use that to run the machine and Fire control. I was thinking a touch screen 2 in 1 also but those generally have crappy specs for running anything other than Word or Excel. If I’m spending $1500 on a new laptop then it will be a newer macbook.

You can run FireControl on a MiniPC (~$150) and a Touchscreen. Search for My CrossFire Pro Mods for an example.
Do your design on your main computer and then fileshare with a NAS or something like that to load the files on your CF system. That’s what I do (I don’t have a Pro, but the configuration works for Mach 3 as well).

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been running mine on a surface pro 5 with no issues. with OG table & mach3 and now pro & firecontrol.