Fire Control not connecting

I was cutting a full sheet of 3/8 plate yesterday and one of my cuts got too close to the edge above the control box. It spilled water all over my box. I turned everything off for a day and put a fan on it to dry due to fire control not connecting. Came back this morning and everything seemed to be working fine and then after a few hours it won’t connect again.

All lights on the table are on.
I have reset and unplugged everything with no improvement. I also pushed and pulled the e-stop numerous times.

Any help is much appreciated.

That sucks, you try unplugging and plug back in USB cable at control box? I made aluminum mount plate for my control box, moved under table and put a piece of rubber conveyor belt over top of control box, in case I burn hole through water table. Reused rubber isolators and cut hole in aluminum plate so control box fan can draw good air. was going to mount box on wall shop but I move table and don’t want to unplug all the control wires every time have to move table.


Rat, that’s a great idea. I wish I had thought of that.

Yes I’ve unplugged everything to check for water.

I wasn’t keen on the idea of putting the control box under table, but with the rubber conveyor belt over top of the box there is no chance of water intrusion.

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I really like the idea. If I get this thing running again I will most likely follow suit.

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