Fire control no image

When I prepare and image in inkscape I save it to documents. When I go to sheetcam the image shows up on the red canvas, but when I go to firecontrol to download image there is no image in documents. I am using windows 11. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks

You should be creating a jet cutting operation in Sheetcam and post processing it into a .tap (g-code) file that Firecontrol can read.

Firecontrol doesn’t open image files.

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Check this in firecontrol…

Now when I try to import image it says NO PROGRAM SPEED FOUND. And under that it says This program will not be loaded. Please make sure you are using the latest Langmuir systems approved Post Processor.

I’m confused. Are you opening an image (unsupported) or loading G-code created from SheetCam / Fusion? If G-code, did you get your postprocessor installed?

Assuming SheetCAM, did you get a jet tool setup with speeds / feeds?

99% of the time, that error means that you failed to create a jet cutting operation before hitting the post process button.

Sheetcam will create a .tap file, in those cases, but it will only have the start and end codes with nothing in between.


Now it says I used Mach 3 after I downloaded loaded post processed from Langmuir

Can you attach a screen shot of your post processor screen from SheetCAM?

That is a generic message that means Firecontrol can’t read the file. It doesn’t really mean the Mach3 post processor was used.

You just need to learn the proper process for creating tool paths and post processing. I’ll post a short video soon.


One of these shows how to select the post processor and the other is a quick walk through of the process to import a drawing and make it into a cut file.