Fire control crossfire pro

Well I figured out how to get fire control back on windows 11, but when I hook up the computer to the electronics box it’s all dark. The green light is on, but at top of fire control panel it says no connection. Anyone know what’s going on? Thanks Chris

Maybe one of these reasons

USB not plugged all the way in.

USB drivers need a manual install ( available in downloads on main site)

Bad USB port

Bad USB cable

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Look at the port on the LS control box. Some of us found that the port is off-center and touching the case.

Mine had hard interference. I opened the case, loosened the screws holding the main board in place, then slid a piece of rubber in behind that corner of the board, thereby creating a gap between the port and the case.
Mine before fixing:

Should be no continuity. If found, contact Langmuir Support.

Grounding Considerations

Due to the fact that THC signal voltages can be sensitive, it is important to make sure that USB ground is not connected to the machine frame. This can result in lower than expected voltage readings which can negatively affect performance. Before cutting, we recommend using a multi-meter or continuity tester to check for continuity between the USB plug shell and the gantry tube as shown below. Before performing this test, be sure that:

  • Machine Power cord is plugged into the electronics enclosure.
  • USB Cable is plugged into the electronics enclosure and your powered-on computer.
  • Plasma Cutter is connected to THC VIM and electronics enclosure.
  • Work clamp is connected to the machine frame.
  • If you are using a laptop stand, make sure your laptop is sitting on it while performing this test. (Its possible the laptop stand fasteners can conduct through your laptop)
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