Fire Control and gcode

My fire control doesn’t recognize dxf files, it only recognizes gcode. what program do i need to install for my computer for it to recognize dxf or gcode files. I have a brand new computer that has windows 10, bought it earlier this year.

I use SheetCam to convert dxf files to .tap files.

If I use SheetCam to convert dxf files to ,tap files will it then give me an option through FireControl to use dxf files. Right now the only option I have is Gcode.

The “dxf” is a format that is created by a Cad program as Fusion360, Inkscape, etc. You then take the “dxf” file and use it in a Cam program to generate G-code such as in sheetcam. Sheetcam will save it into a “.tap” format then can be loaded into fire control. But to answer your question, no you can not load a “dxf” into Firecontrol because that format is not supported and doesn’t contain G-code.

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can i use Adobe Illustrator instead of sheetcam?

Adobe Illustrator only has CAD capabilities, it does not have CAM capabilities. You will need to use either Fusion 360 or SheetCAM to do CAM work, as these are the only CAM programs that we have FireControl post processors available for at the moment.

thank you, i will download sheetcam

What processor do i choose for sheetcam? There are about 50 optiions. I have the Langmuir pro with the razorweld 45 plasma cutter.

download the one in the downloads section.

In the setup wizard its asking for a post processor, there are about 50 options.

there are about 50 options
You have to go to Langmuir Systems download page and download the sheetcam processor for the CrossFire Pro. That is the only option that you have. Then somewhere on their site are instructions of how to Install it.

Instructions are listed in this document. Put the downloaded Fire Control SheetCAM post processor in the \Program File(x86)\SheetCAM\Posts folder.

this is the message i get when i try to open the file FireControl-v1.6 (1).scpost

This file does not have an app associated with if for performing this action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create and association in the Default Apps Settings page.

You don’t need to open it. Just move it to the \Program File(x86)\SheetCAM\Posts folder, then follow the directions in the SheetCAm document mentioned above.

Just did the sheetcam\post folder.
What program is used to make dxf files, fusion 360 says i have to pay for a subscription to make dxf files? Sheetcam is telling me that I need to import dxf files.

Many on this forum use Inkscape to create the dxf files. There are tons of videos on using Inkscape. The best part is it is full function and free.

Thank you.
I just tried to run the post processor and i got this notice
Post processing…
Part:Conrad (6)
Inside Offset, inside, T4: conrad
Outside Offset, outside, T4: conrad
Error: Evaluation limit reached
Post processing failed

Do you know what this means?

To save a dxf from fusion you have to right click on the sketch tab on the left of the screen and clcik save as dxf.
For your post processing with sheetcam is it a paid version or did you just download it?

Are you running the evaluation copy of SheetCAM? Sounds like you may not have updated the license code if you have the paid version of SheetCAM.