Fire Control 21.1.5

I have successfully downloaded the new version of Fire Control but everything is greyed out. I cannot do anything in it. It’s there, but not functional. Anyone know what I am missing? I have a screenshot of what the program looks like.

Is the computer connected to the machine. (table)? It is useless unless connected.

@Phillipw is exactly right, your computer needs to be connected to the machine via USB for FireControl functionality to unlock. We do this for safety reasons - we want it to be absolutely clear and obvious when you do and do not have control of the machine.

Other than that, we are aware of a few issues regarding Mac compatibility. Which version of MacOS are you running? Does your Mac have in Intel processor or an Apple silicon processor? (Apple silicon processors are colloquially known as M1 or M2 chips). You can find out which processor your Mac is equipped with in the “About this Mac” menu.

You can find more info about Mac compatibility in this PSA:


@scarm do you have it hooked up to your table and is your table electronics box turned on?