Finishes and patinas for steel

asking here because certain companies are favorable at other forums.

Looking at steelfxpatinas , reading through their info, they mention “don’t reapply over an area because it may flake off” always clear coat finishes.

Are these durable? Are there better ways? I know about wet and powder coat, I want the look of transparency against base steel polish.

Especially with greens and blues…

What are options?

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I am hoping to try spraying or soaking the raw steel with Copper Sulphate solution.

I have used copper sulfate many times.It usually ends up copper and black colors. I pour crystals in a spray bottle and let it disolve. As soon as its how you want it rinse off with water and let dry. Experiment with metal. Bare shiny and degreased. I then spray clear coat on it when done.

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Hoping to try that soon. Right now I’m pretty impressed doing galv steel, aluminum and SS, finishing with hand rubbing with a stainless steel scrubber wad, water and “Barkeepers Friend”, I end-up with a nice brushed finish which I clear coat using Rustoleum Ultra Cover Clear.

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A couple examples how they come out for me with Copper Sulfate


Ahhh, I like!

Quick rust finish is peroxide and salt

And use half white vinegar. For a pint. 1/2 peroxide 1/2 vinegar and about 2 table spoons of salt. Instant rust.

Thanks ya’ll for starting ideas…we are in bfe NC at lake lure for 20th, I have had no internet for 3 days :thinking: …but its been all good :beer: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and :heart_eyes: :star_struck: wine. Food, fun…repeat…now back to life…lol… how to get blue and green to accent? Like fish and sea life?

I’ve been cleaning the mill scale off my hot rolled pieces with 30% vinegar. Then spray the piece with OSPHO to keep it from rusting anywhere. Hit the face of it with 100 or 80 grit 4" flap wheel to clean the OSPHO coating off and get bare metal back. 1/8th of a cup of ZEP Root Killer and liter of distilled water in a hand pump spray bottle to get copper patina. Zep root killers main ingredient is Copper sulfate. Then clear coat the whole piece.


Thank you, hope to pick some up today


Jon actually have had my zep for several months, so just mix with water, brush on and rinse. Then seal with clear? Youtube is all over the place, add acetone, dont rinse(but it rust a few days later) i love Youtube and also loathe it. I have a part i want to try next weekend and paint, powder coat wont do it justice and my copper tank is a small rot

P.s. i know its an older thread

I spray it on with a pump up hand spray I got from Home Depot. Then rinse immediately with distilled water. Dry it off with compressed air or hair dryer. Then clear coat.
Prep is very important to get all the oils off metal. I use denatured alcohol and clean paper towel. After it dries, I hit it with a propane torch real quick to get rid of any paper left behind by paper towel.

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