Finishes and patinas for steel

asking here because certain companies are favorable at other forums.

Looking at steelfxpatinas , reading through their info, they mention “don’t reapply over an area because it may flake off” always clear coat finishes.

Are these durable? Are there better ways? I know about wet and powder coat, I want the look of transparency against base steel polish.

Especially with greens and blues…

What are options?

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I am hoping to try spraying or soaking the raw steel with Copper Sulphate solution.

I have used copper sulfate many times.It usually ends up copper and black colors. I pour crystals in a spray bottle and let it disolve. As soon as its how you want it rinse off with water and let dry. Experiment with metal. Bare shiny and degreased. I then spray clear coat on it when done.

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Hoping to try that soon. Right now I’m pretty impressed doing galv steel, aluminum and SS, finishing with hand rubbing with a stainless steel scrubber wad, water and “Barkeepers Friend”, I end-up with a nice brushed finish which I clear coat using Rustoleum Ultra Cover Clear.

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A couple examples how they come out for me with Copper Sulfate


Ahhh, I like!

Quick rust finish is peroxide and salt

And use half white vinegar. For a pint. 1/2 peroxide 1/2 vinegar and about 2 table spoons of salt. Instant rust.

Thanks ya’ll for starting ideas…we are in bfe NC at lake lure for 20th, I have had no internet for 3 days :thinking: …but its been all good :beer: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and :heart_eyes: :star_struck: wine. Food, fun…repeat…now back to life…lol… how to get blue and green to accent? Like fish and sea life?