Finished design to plasma

Hi i have created a design and now want to send it or import it to the plasma table how is this done?" i imported it on a flash drive, have sheet cam on my PC does it need to be on my plasma touch screen to import file? thanks

Did you create toolpath and turn it into NC file?

Helpful to know what software and did you do setup and and create toolpath?

After creating toolpath you go here to create NC and this is what you need to take to plasma and open with firecontrol.

i am using ink scape and yes i do have a tool path

CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems

This link might be helpful. I mainly use fusion and sorry i don’t know my way around Inkscape. I’m sure you’ll get someone that does soon. Post your project when you cut it.

how do you get your drawing to the plasma table from your PC

i am sitting at my PC made my design, i am finished with it and want to cut it out how do mi send it to the plasma table

You have to save g codes on flash drive or if table PC has internet email it to yourself . The g codes is what fire control needs

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@TinWhisperer might be most helpful and i’m interested now.

@Jarett What format is your design currently saved in?

Once you have an SVG or dxf you can load that into sheet cam and produce G-Code.

Once you have your G-Code which will be a *.tap file from SheetCAM you can load that file into FireControl.

How you get that file from one computer to another if it’s done on two separate computer is totally up to you.

Whether that’s USB, email it to yourself, OneDrive . Lots of options to transfer files from one computer to another


Have you ran your design through sheetCAM yet? SheetCAM s the software that turns a design file into G-Code.

Thanks i’ll try that

Yes i have it in sheetcam with a cut path complete

Ok still need to convert it to a g code guess i will have to email it to myself

Some very useful information on main website to watch…

CAM with SheetCAM | Langmuir Systems

Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems

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In SheetCAM

Select your toolpath you have made.

Then select the button “run the post processor (fire control v1.6).” This is located on the top left tool ribbon.

You may have to go through the steps to install your post processor if you haven’t.

Once you’re done that save your *.tap file to a location you’ll remember.

Then load that *.tap file into fire control and if all your parameters are correct it should cut correctly.