Finicky Razorweld 45

So our machine has recently become very inconsistent in it’s ability to cut. Won’t pierce, stops cuts part way through, just gouges the path, etc. This is on thinner material, eg. 1/4 steel.

New consumables. Good air. Grounded directly to work piece.

Any ideas?

What are your cut setting?

I’ll have to check. I’m not typically the one running it. Just hear the complaints. “this PoS doesn’t work”…“damn thing”…blah,blah, blah. Then they come back saying they didn’t change anything and it just worked.

I’m honestly not versed in running it. Just tasked with finding/buy in.

My first plasma was the rw45 never a complaint. Had to upgrade for duty cycle get us cut setting. Pictures help and pictures up close of your consumables.

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Another thing to consider is air quality. With the coming of Spring temps and humidity are on the rise leading to more moisture for your system to deal with.

To horribly misquote Dune “Moisture is the little-death that brings total obliteration.”


Excellent! You have joined quite a distinguished group! Most of those citing Dune on this forum are generally talking about Buggys!

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We have a drier in line, but I haven’t checked the desiccant media in a while. I’m in Phoenix, which would typically be pretty dry this time of year, but we’ve received a ton of rain the last couple months.

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Where are your consumables from as well?

All Razorweld from here.

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