Finecut vs. Normal Razorweld 45

Hello all, I picked up some fine cut consumables for the Powermax 30 to use in my Razor Weld 45… Seems to be some debate if these will work, but upon preliminary inspection they are about identical.

If these are to work, Is there a true way to measure output amperage of the Razorweld machine other than looking at a knob with markings?

Thanks for all he help


You could use a clamp on amp meter around the line that feeds the electrode.

@Lweissman A clamp on the work clamp cable would accomplish the same thing and is easier to accomplish. Bear in mind that this won’t be precise as the signal is noisy.

Are you wanting to compare the cutting power?
Some plasma cutter brands advertise high output amperage but what makes the difference between cutting power of a razorweld and a hypertherm is the output voltage.

Watts is the unit of power W=VA

Here is the comparison based on rated power.
Powermax 30 83VDC @30 amps = 2490 W
Razorcut45 98VDC @45 amps = 4410 W
Hypertherm Powermax 45 145VDC @ 45 amps = 6525 W

So the Razorcut puts out 44% more power than the Powermax 30

The Hypertherm Powermax 45 has 33% more cutting power then the Razorweld based on rated volts. Which if you look at the cut speeds people are using it is manifested there.

Primeweld CUT60 104VDC @ 60 amps = 6240W
Hypertherm Powermax 65 139VDC @ 65 amps = 9035W

If you compare the primeweld cutting at 60 amps vs the Hypertherm at 60 amps 139V*60A = 8340W vs 6240W the primeweld puts out at 60 amps the hypertherm is putting out 26% more watts at 60 amps.

I have seen some people speculate that some of these manufactures overstate the amps they are putting out also but if you look at the specs only considering the output voltage the hypertherm is generally puts out 30-35% more watts than the cheaper brands because of the higher output voltage which seems to square with the higher cut speeds.


FYI, not all clamp on amp meters work for DC. Mostly the transformer type that need the AC field. I have 1 that does and one that doesn’t. If the mode switch has this symbol, it’s AC current only.


I took for granted that some amp meters do not have that function.

Myself I own a Fieldpiece (HVAC specific brand) and a Klein.

I went on Amazon and you can buy a inexpensive clamp on amp meter that will do DC amperage.

This one is less than $50.

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This is why Hypertherm plasma cutter are better, as they put out more cutting watts at the same amps. That is also why you pay more for them.


The picture is my company supplied one, the one I have at home is a Klein CL320 that does both.

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I have a question on the fine cut consumables. I understand the ins and outs of it. If I looked at the numbers correctly say for hypertherm45 on 14 ga you only gain about .006 or reduce kerf. Is it worth buying the all the extras to run them?

Now the sync offers some impressive kerfs. Been waiting for someone to confirm before buying the adapter.