Fine cut electrode?

Is there such a thing as a “fine cut” consumable for the razorweld cut 45?

No there is not a fine cut tip for the X45/HYP45/FLAME torch.

George is the GURU on Plasma machines…

Thats not actually 100% True. Plasmadyne (an Ebay Co.) offers a Fine Cut consumable for the RW45 w/X45 torch. I purchased a Set and Messed with them briefly. I believe they are 30amp rated. Thought I would pass it along.

I have seen this and have been told they don’t work. Did you read this (NOTE: Fine Cut Consumables require expert level tuning knowledge.) this means they don’t fit right and you have to modify you torch to make them work. But everyone keeps buying his stuff.

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I would pay heed to what George says…he sells and repairs Plasma…he has been here a long time…and 90% of the time we end up saying…“George was right again”

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Search for posts by @Stocky on this forum. He actually uses (or at least used to use) 30A fine cut consumables from his HT 30xp in his RW45 torch. He has both cutters with seeming identical torches and some pretty convincing images suggesting that the X45 torch is a clone of the 30xp torch.

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Believe me I take everything with a grain of salt, till I see visible physical proof . I was just replying to the statement there are fine consumables, I did not say they worked.

The other 10% of the time we say “That d…m George! He’s right again!”


Let me say this.

Razorweld and Langmuir has said that you can use Hypertherm consumables on the X45/HYP45/Flame torch.

But Razorweld nor Langmuir sells Hypertherm consumables for their customers to buy.

I do not recommend using Hypertherm consumables and Hypertherm does not recommend it.

Best thing I can tell you is call Hypertherm (800) 643-9878 and ask them what they think about this and their recommendations.

Now that being said, anyone that wants to try it is more then welcome to do so as its their plasma cutter and torch. Its also their money to spend on a new plasma cutter and or torch if it causes damage like it has for others on this forum.


Dang! Right again!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Tom, you crack me up some times :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

he cracks me up all the time…the man does not have a serious bone in his body…lol

Oh No! Not true! I had an operation this summer and the docs found one. I asked them to remove it, but they said they couldn’t. Something about a loved one would miss it…

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Are you sure it wasn’t something you ate (or someone)?

We sell quite a few of these fine cut consumables - converts the torch to use the finer PMax30 tips & electrodes - we’ve seen spectacular results, but they do require better tuning of the torch like most fine cutting parts. SO - we discourage new users from buying fine cut because it adds an extra layer of difficulty.

they fit fine - no mod required.

Our return rate is less than 2% on this part - only slightly more than most other parts.