Finally Joined!

Hey everyone!

My name is Andrew, and i just got my PRO put together. I’ve been browsing and reading alot of the posts in the forum for a couple of months now. I really appreciate the information and solutions everyone has provided. This is a really nice forum filled with a group of people really passionate about they do and I’m happy to be involved.

I live in Cheyenne, WY currently. I bought the pro with the razorcut 45 about 5 weeks ago and put it together this last weekend. I learned CNC on an Amada Pega 357 turret machine, then got a 4x8 custom plasma table, and now i have my own crossfire pro.

Compared to the $14K plasma table I used to have, this crossfire pro seems capable of doing 98% of what i need it to.

Just wanted to say thanks for the support!


Welcome to the fold!