Finally! I'm making signs!

Hello all! I am finally getting comfortable using the inkscape and Fusion programs that I am producing some signs. Word of mouth travels fast. I went from making my family some free signs and started sharing it with my neighbors and with people at work. I already have 6 orders. I am still unsure of what to charge though. I have not done any painting yet on these signs as they are finished product on my end with the raw look. Anyways here is some eye candy everyone.


That’s great! Cuts look good.

Congrats looks good!

Looks good! I am in same boat as you. I have been charging $40 for medium signs and going up from there. It depends on how much cutting. Congrats on getting started.

All these are 16 gauge. I don’t know now if I should charge by the inch x the size of the overall product or just the size of the sign

calculate your metal costs
calculate your time…
add it up…
multiply by 3…gives a pretty good estimate

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great job!

what is the Neto’s museum?

My dad’s nickname is Neto and he has a museum built in his shop full of military and antique items.

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