Finally getting started with the assembly

Nothing exciting here, but I am starting to put the table together starting with mounting casters and working slowly on the electrical. My main is 200 amps and I added a 128 amp sub panel with two 50 amp circuits, a 20 amp 2 pole, and a couple of 110 circuits.

m getting started.

![electrical 1|690x388]

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Very nice. You know McMaster Carr has the leg inserts for those casters… Your way looks like more fun though.:grin:


@Bigdaddy2166 I thought, at the time, they were two expensive, and plastic! :upside_down_face:

I get it. Enjoy your assembly Joel.

I love your phase converter. I have the same one. 7.5 hp works awesome :sunglasses:

Check this out. While I’m developing a dumpy garage shop my son is moving his company, Pierson Workholding, into the building he bought last year. He’s doing it right starting with an epoxy grey floor and black walls. Things I always wanted to do when I owned my job shop.


I can see 3 or 4 Hass 5 axis machines sitting right in the middle.

@Bigdaddy2166 Good guess but only one 5 axis Hass mill. He also has some other Haas machining centers and a couple of Doosan lathes. He has a YT channel that you might like to visit. He puts a fair amount of money into video production turning out some good content.

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Yep, no complaints about the phase converter. I recently moved it onto the shelf seen in the photo. I couldn’t quite get it all the way up and had to use my face to hold it while getting a better grip. Ouch! For sure need new glasses after that. I don’t understand? I used to be able to lift most anything over my head! Isn’t 70 the new 40? :thinking:


mine are bending out…I like the solid blocks!!!


That’s some valuable feedback. I won’t be worrying about the assembly coming apart or bending.