Finally fired it up!

After all the work I’m finally up and running!

Of course I have no idea what I’m doing but all the learning has been set aside for construction, plumbing lines, wiring, etc. Oh, and building the table. Sheesh, more than I ever imagined to get this going.

I did manage to get the torch firing through FireControl and everything is working awesome.

Wow, my first question about how something works on the machine instead of a compressor or wiring, or something like that. I think the answer is obvious but, am I supposed to take the the guide off the torch tip? I’m thinking yes but know where did I see or read anything about actually clamping the torch in. With IHS the torch tip needs to touch the metal, correct?

Oh, wait, one more chore to do, time for my final job on the construction end, bolting the compressor down now that I don’t have to work back there.

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Congrats on getting all set up. Yes, remove the stand off or the IHS will get a messed up reference and your height settings won’t be correct.