Finally feel like I'm getting somewhere

Designed this in my vinyl cutting program imported it as a dxf and made some adjustments. This was my first project after the architecture plate.


Good work! It’s exciting once you crank out that first custom piece!! You’ll find lots of things to make with your table

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This is so true. I was just telling a friend my biggest struggle was I wanted to sit down a cut my own designs first. This lead to a lot of wasted metal but still a great learning experience.

I like it, great job!

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Thanks. It’ll be uploaded to the share site

Glad to see that someone else is using vinyl cutting software and making it work with the plasma cutter. I have used vinyl master 4 pro for years and have allot of things for vinyl that I want to try when I get my Crossfire assembled.

Thanks for sharing.

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How you like the pro? I use the basic vinyl master. Thinking of upgrading.

I really like it, if I remember correctly I only went with the pro for the weld and or combine features that I was always needing for what I was trying to do. But I really like it and think that I got it for half price but I’d have to look back and see if I can remember how I did that.

Good luck

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Yeah that would be cool to know how you did that.

Go to the website vinylmasterpro then choose the upgrade tab then choose the crossgrade option, it is currently $299 for the crossgrade option for pro, full price is $475 I think that I paid $200 a few years ago, but still cheaper than full price and no limitations, I used inkscape as my software that I was upgrading from. I still use both almost every day now. Here’s a link to the page explaining the crossgrade upgrade, Hope this helps if you really want the pro version. I love it and it made it easier for me to do what I was trying to do.

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