Final dimensions wrong

I designed a part in Fusion360. 4.5 inches tall. Post process went fine but when I cut, the part was short. 4.4 inches. Cut starting from the outside. Simple cut. Stumped.

Make sure your kerf width is set right and click on compensation type in computer.

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Assuming you did the post in Fusion 360…check your cut profile to make sure your cut is on correct side of part. Got a screen shot or copy of the nc file you can post so we can take a look?

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Jeez dumb mistake. I had a rectangle drawn with a radius cut into the top to match the width of the top of the rectangle. Radius numbers were wrong when I drew the circle to make the chord line. All ok now. :slightly_smiling_face:


see how much we can help…hahahahaha

2nd (3.9 KB)
Having same issue. Part width is set at 1.120 and I keep getting 1.111.
Left, Right, center no change. Help please. ViperCut 30i. Fusion 360. Crossfire table.

Your part is only off by .009"? Thats very good. Theres more natual variability in the arc than that.


What is your kerf setting? And, as Daniel points out, that’s nothing to complain about.

Without knowing your kerf setting, I’d say, try adding 4.5mil to it.

.04 kerf. This dimension is critical spacing. Am I painting myself in a corner relying on this part to be the right dimension?

Just checked again. .055" kerf set in the machine. I just ran another part with the kerf set at .0255 and it was even smaller. Perhaps the powder coat will tighten that up some.

Reducing the kerf will make your part smaller, as you have discovered. As I suggested, increase the kerf.