Fillet Diameters & Cut-Through Sizes


First time on this forum. Looks really helpful :slight_smile:
I’d like to buy the crossfire and just wondering about how much detail it is capable of cutting. The accuracy numbers I see, but can it cut actual right angles? Or does it need a certain diameter rounded edge?

Also, how thin of a line can it cut out? If this info is available online or on the site, please show me where.

Thank you!
Ellie Zoe

The crossfire is capable of cutting very fine lines, square corners and sharp dimensions. It all depends on the plasma cutter and the operator to fine tune it to do so.
This is something I cut last week, the detail can be even finer but I do not have a torch that can be tuned much better. 16ga cr steel.


There will always be a small radius in corners, the plasma stream is round, think of it as a 1mm diameter cutter in general. It can be a bit smaller, or a bit larger.

Good way of explaining it. Even a laser has a diameter (mine is .007"). Typically you get “square enough” but if you’ve got zero tolerance for even these levels of “roundness” it’s a simple matter of extending the line on both sides of a corner (so you get a +). The intersection of those lines will be square.

That looks like enough detail for my projects. May I ask what plasma cutter you are using?

Thank you.

I am using a Miller 625exp, not recommended at all but it is what I had.