Fileshare page bug when searching

I noticed that on the FireShare site When I search on a topic ie “weld” it brings back 81 projects total on 4 pages. There are 25 displayed on the first page. When any of the other pages are selected you still only ever see page one. If you look at the link for page two you get the following
If you paste that back in the browser it tells you there’s no results found.
It looks like a syntax issue on the page link.
This issue happens on Google Chrome, MS Edge, MS IE 11 (only browsers I have access to @ work)

End result is it’s hard to find awesome drawings.


yup…did a search for weld…81 pages…tried switching to another page…it stays on the first page and does not show any other page…


flagged Daniel…so he can pass this on to the technical side…

good catch…

Think I found the coding issue with the search.

The initial search returns this url:

And the button links return this:

The issue is that the button anchor links do not include the search term:

If you change the page number manually like this, it works.

Note: I’m a web programmer in C#, SQL, etc…

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If you’re looking for something specific or need a design, let me know. I’ll custom design a file for you or show you how to do it.

I can confirm that your “fix” works.
I was just looking to see what was out there…Trolling for ideas. But thanks for the offer!

Apologies for the delay in pushing the fix for this issue. It is now fixed in PRD.

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