Fileshare files (SOLVED)

I recently got a table the larger base unit, I have it set up and I have made successful cuts but I am just learning to walk. Started with a cut ready file from the file share site on a test coupon and that way I know everything works and is connected correctly. Good there.

Anyway, I saw a french bulldog cut ready file and wanted to cut it for my elderly mother who has one for a kind of a fun test. I downloaded the file but when I went to run it I got an error that the file did not have THS. I have tried to find a way to manipulate it to add it but it does not seem possible in the search I have done, Not the end of the world but it was there and I would make her happy so if there is an easy way why not.

As you have found out, ‘Cut Ready’ isn’t.

Post the file you’re trying to use and let us know whether you use Sheetcam or Fusion as your CAM tool. Someone will help you with it.

We’ll need to know exactly what table you have and whether it has THC or not.

Also, what type of material you’re trying to use, would help as well.

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thanks, I have the Crossfire XL with THC. As for software I have been playing with both of them but seems to have gravitated towards the Fusion 360 as it seems newer. I have not committed to one yet but on the path of Fusion 360, happy to change if there is a reason. Mostly because I did not want to fork out the money to buy it and then not like it.
not sure how to post a file but this is where the file I was trying to use.

the plasma is a Hypertherm 65 but running on 16 gauge steel 45 amps fine cut at 250 in/min according to the table in the manual. .06 to work and pierce height .15. I put .5 seconds on pierce delay, I cut one with 1 second delay and I think that is too long as the pierce hole is larger than the cut line. I have the machine cable so I don’t have to take it off if I want to use it hand held torch, there are about a million zip ties on the torch cable and I would hate to take them off everytime.

That G-code is missing the “H1” command to activate the THC before each cut and the “H0” to deactivate after.

I corrected this file to include the proper commands. File is set for 250 IPM and .5 pierce delay:
frenchy pup-250 IPM, .5 (183.5 KB)


Thanks so much, Can you just edit in a text editor? Or something else? My mom will thank you. Ill cut it tomorrow.

Made some big progress tonight on the software front. Went from a drawing to almost cut ready, one last thing to figure out on how to move the cut lines from outside to in. Ill get there. Took me a bit to figure out that I could not do the contour selection because the size of my drawing was microscopic. none of the google searches mention that but sure engough once I figured out how to scale it that problem went away.


Baby steps, patience, and learning will get you there.


You can edit G-code in a text editor, just make sure you save with the proper file extension. I use Notepad++ which is designed to edit code with better ‘find and replace’ functionality.

There are some pretty good tutorials for Fusion 360 on YouTube as you probably already know. Product Design Online has been recommended on the forum by several members.

This video from NTD Racing is not too bad for taking you through the full workflow from design to post processing. There may be better ones out there, but this is one of the first ones I watched when I got my table.

Lots of good info on the forum. Be sure to use the search function to find a lot of answers.


If you click on @TinWhisperer he has a series of videos(practical fusion 360 videos) that are geared towards plasma and Langmuir.

I have also watched the NTD racing ones they are good as well. Tin does a good job with the fundamentals.

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Thanks all, I have not had to learn so much in a long time but it is pretty interesting and dare I say enjoyable despite the frustration because every once in a while the light bulb turns on. Some times it is dim but…

Thanks, worked great last night once I connected the ground clamp. Think I need a magnetic ground


We all have these moments…call them learning experiences…
One thing I do is that I have a white board in the shop that I have a list of things to check before I cut and if an error pops up.

“ground” clamp
confirm start point
ensure pattern fits
reset zero
check amps
air dryer on

Error checks
unplug and replug all cables
check THC for clean and connections (x axis)
recheck above list
drain tanks, check desiccant

it helps as you get busier…or…older

I also changed the header of this topic to solved…

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This is my favorite online forum. You guys are pretty awesome. Thanks OP for posting this. :beers:

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