File size is changing

Im using inkscape to draw my parts out, somewhere between inkscape to sheetcam or from sheetcam to firecontrol my parts are getting .06 bigger in height and width. this is happening before any cuts are made. this doesn’t bother me when cutting signs and such, but make a difference when cutting parts. does anyone know a fix for this? Thank You

Two possibilities:

  1. In Inkscape, check your Edit->Preferences->Tools tab and make sure your Geometric Bounding box is checked. This removes the line width as a variable in the sizing.
  2. In SheetCam your kerf setting is too small. It should be around 0.050".

If it’s not either of them, then I recommend that you do a simple test case: Draw a 2" square in Inkscape, export to SheetCam in your usual way, post process, and zip up the SVG (or DXF) file from Inkscape along with the .JOB & .TAP files from SheetCam and post it here.


Ok. I will give that a try and let you know what I come up with, Thank you