File Practicing?

Noob question:
Since the temp here in Phoenix is nothing short of obscene of late, I have not been able to get outside for any length of time to use my table. So… I would like to know if I can run program files in fire control on the computer without plugging into the Pro table? (just to practice a The times I have attempted to do so in fire control it would not let me do it . Is there a way or am I just barking up the wrong tree!!
Thank a bunch

Firecontrol does not work unless it is connected to the table. There is no “practice” or offline mode.

I thought as much! I was hoping to be able to “practice” to see if my “fusion skills” were usable!! I had been planning to do dry runs on the PRO but here in Arizona we have had 25 days in a row of 110+ temps.
so that just isn’t going to happen. Regardless, Thank you for responding.
ALSO, in a past email I noted that the ON/OFF switch on my PRO is working OK but the indicator light does not work. I use that as a reminder to make sure I power down the machine before I leave the shop. Would you please send one? ( in warranty still) I thought perhaps one would be sent but it appears it it was overlooked.
Many Thanks

OOPS! I meant this to go to Langmuir but went to ds960 Sorry about that!


The amount of help he gives he might as well work for Langmuir! :rofl:


I’m glad ! I need all the help I can get !!

Hey Tim,

@ds690 is exactly right, FireControl functionality is locked unless connected to a CrossFire Motion Control Board. That said, there are some unofficial solutions to “practice run” a program in FireControl.

You can dismount the Electronics Enclosure from the machine and bring it elsewhere, then connect it your computer via USB and run the program. So long as FireControl has a connection to the Motion Control Board, it will let you upload and “run” g-code programs. That said, it will error out if you have THC is enabled, as FireControl would not sense a cutting voltage; THC can be manually disabled in the THC Control Panel.

If you don’t wish to dismount the Electronics Enclosure from the machine, you can upload and “run” a program with the power and torch firing cable disconnected from the Enclosure to achieve the same effect. If you go this route, it is best to practice all safety precautions you would use while running the machine normally.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. It has been a bit frustrating of late due to the obscenely hot temps and long duration ( we are now on day 25 of 110 +) Worst summer I remember! Even at 0500 our low temps are in the high 90’s. I will likely dismount the E-box and bring it inside.
Just so all who are responding to noobs like myself: please know it is very much appreciated !!

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