File naming ideas

How do folks keep track of your files? I feel I want to name them in a way to link it with a note or comment. Like I’ll get a new file and run it and note the material and any issues I might want to change if I run the file again for example.

An alternative is to use text notations in your file that you ignore in making your toolpaths. That way you can be more expansive in your comments.

As long as your notes are between ( ) these you can add anything you want and your software will ignore it when cutting.

That’s great information. In going to start making files this afternoon. I’m assuming I can simulate a cut in machine (haven’t looked at it yet) so I can try this

If you have a program now that you use, yes you can just open it in notepad or some other editor and add it in Just remember ( at the start and ) at the end of each line if your notes run more than one line long.
(--------- – ----------- —)
(— ---- ---- ---- ------------)
and so on.